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How It Works


Preview our packages below and start thinking about the bottles you’d like to select.


Twice per year, we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know it’s time to select your bottles. This occurs in May and November. We’ll include a private link that will take you to your wine selections.

Depending on your region, you can choose to have it shipped or pick it up yourself for free.


You’ll receive 6 bottles of your preferred wine, including at least one bottle of our latest release.

If no selection is made, we will automatically bill and send you 6 bottles of the Mix & Match package.

Rosé | $108

(Reg. $120)

Pinot Noir | $150

(Reg. $168)

Chardonnay | $132

(Reg. $150)

Mix & Match | $130

(Reg. $146)

Exclusive Access

You are guaranteed at least one bottle of our latest releases, whether you choose 12 of the same wine, or mix & match (4 of each type).

Year-Round Discounts

In addition to a 10% discount on your shipment, you can apply your discount code up to ten times per year on bottles and cases, as well as sale items.


Your membership auto renews, unless you cancel it. You won’t be charged when you join, or when you renew—only when you make a selection. Plus, we’ll notify you by email when it’s time to make your selection!


When will I receive an email to select my wines?

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You’ll receive an email twice a year, on May 1 and November 1. Once you receive your email, you’ll be able to login and make your selections.

How long do I have to make my selection once I receive an email?

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You will have 7 days from the day we send you an email to choose your wines, so make sure to mark your calendar!

What happens if I forget to make my selection before the deadline?

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If you don’t make a selection by May 7 or November 7, we’ll automatically send you a mix & match, and bill your credit card on file accordingly.

If I don’t make a selection, will I still be billed?

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Yes. Since joining our wine club is a membership and we hold onto latest releases for our club members to enjoy, you will still be billed even if you don’t make a selection. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t receive any wine at all—we’ll just make your selection for you!

What happens if I want to cancel?

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We’ll be sad to see you go! But if you want to cancel your membership, send us an email at Please note that even if you cancel within 7 days after you receive an email to select your wine, you will still be billed for that selection. You will not be billed for selections moving forward.

I didn’t receive my wine. What do I do?

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Contact us immediately!

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